What is

Biodiversity Action Europe?

Biodiversity Action Europe (BAE) is a movement by young Europeans, seeking to reverse biodiversity loss in Europe and beyond by interacting with the EU and all who wish to engage in a constructive conversation.


As much-needed transformative change throughout our societies is sidelined for short-term economic solutions, European youth feel pessimistic and anxious. Nevertheless, the young and not so young are mobilising to defend our beloved Earth across the globe. To all of us, nature is BAE


The BAE Team

Nynke Blömer

Nynke is a conservation scientist and a beekeeper. She is passionate about biodiversity and making the field of biodiversity conservation inclusive and accessible. She works on sustainable international wildlife trade, is the co-founder of Pollinator Ambassadors and a member of GYBN Europe+.


Iris Del Sol

Iris is a young environmental lawyer. She is engaged in fighting against illegal logging and the destruction of natural landscapes and ecosystems. Currently, she is coordinating a Free Svydovets movement in Ukraine, working closely with activists in the Carpathian mountains and is also a storyteller of Youth4Nature.


Sophie Evers

Sophie is a young biologist and philosopher of biology who decided to go to the field to research  and protect biodiversity: spending her time trying to solve farmer-baboon conflicts,  conserving mountain gorillas, and protecting forests together with traditional Tanzanian beekeepers. Biodiversity is simply at the heart of each of her days.


Félix Feider

Félix is a young conservationist who believes that biodiversity needs to be at the center of decision-making processes across sectors and at all levels. He is a member of the European chapter of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network, the Youth and Environment Europe Advocacy Working Group, and the IUCN #NatureforAll International Task Force.

AnnLaure Gaspardo

Ann Laure is a young project manager. She is passionate about biodiversity and wish to put in a new light the relationship between man and nature to achieve protecting nature itself. She is also a coordinator for CliMates’s Biodiversity projects


Jurgena Kamberaj

Jurgena is a young environmental scientist focusing on the response and relief to emergencies and natural disasters. She works with different organisations to boost the environmental conservation and ecological resilience. Her drive originates from her passion to ensure our nature remains home for us and our abundance of wildlife.

Columba Martínez-Espinosa

Columba is passionate about nature and a strong believer that knowledge is power. She is a biologist, specialist in biodiversity and tropical ecosystems. Currently doing her PhD about wetlands’ role in the global nitrogen cycle. Her goal is to continue her scientific carrier understanding global dynamics and protecting nature, being in the front-line as scientist and activist.


Anastasia Mizzulinich

Anastasia is a young geographer and urban planner, concerned about biodiversity and land protection since she was a teenager. She currently works for a consultancy firm in the urban planning sector aiming at preventing from massive urbanization. 

Nadine Schuller

Nadine is an Austrian beekeeper and entrepreneur. Her passion for community empowerment has led her to found Pollinator Ambassadors, which offers innovative workshops on nature-based leadership, decision-making and communication.


What does "bae" mean?


1. An affectionate term

bae is a word short for babe, also known as someone or something you love and can't live without.


1. Before Anything Else, something essential to life.


1. Greatly admired or loved

2. Very cool, great

"I love nature, nature is bae"

"We can't live without it, nature is Before Anything Else"